HESOFT released ioA (Input/Output Device Schematic Automator) in March, 2019.
ioA provides the optimized design automation solution for input/output device design.
This automation solution supports quick work process and efficient work improvement.
The technical base of HESOFT begins from engineering basic data.
What is “design automation” of HESOFT software?
It is aimed at minimizing designers’ work, reducing the human errors made by conventional data recycling,
processing repeated work of similar patterns, and thereby improving work efficiency.

Necessity of Design Automation
By minimizing designers’ work, it is possible to reduce human errors and shorten work hours for efficient work performance.

  • Advantages of AUtomation
    - Price control and work hours reduction
    - High-quality drawings based on professionalism
    - Application to fields in short time and no need of additional human resources
    - Predictable work process
    - Implementation of the safe productivity based on approved data
ioA (PLC electrical drawing automator)
1. Automatic generation of PLC electrical drawings
2. Import/Export input/output data to Excel
3. Automatic address input
4. Automatic selection and input of input/output connection devices
5. Display of input/output information in use
6. Support customizing device abbreviations
7. Automatic printing of parts list and purchase order
8. PLC parts can be added
psA (Electrical power schematic automator)
1. Automatic generation of power drawings (detailed drawing output)
2. Part data Excel output
3. Automatic calculation of electric capacity
4. Automatic line number input
5. Automatic creation of load list
6. Saving/outputting inverter and servo controller setting values
7. Automatic printing of 12 manufacturing documents
8. Automatic name plate generation

Main Products

HE SOFT Electrical design automation solution


Company Introduction

HESOFT has data-driven, automated electrical design technology.
We have a lot of experience in the field of electrical drawing standardization and automation technology.
The recently developed power drawing design automation solution can be integrated with PLC design automation software to accelerate the engineering design and manufacturing process.
Our technology supports standardization of drawings and data and informatization of know-how.
By recycling accumulated data, it shortens purchasing, design and manufacturing time, and maximizes production efficiency by utilizing it in maintenance work.
  • Response Level
      less than 30%
  • Supplier Level
      1 million to 10 billion(KRW)
  • Transaction Level
      less than 5
PLC electrical drawing automator Electrical power schematic automator